The unique handmade headpiece accessories offered by Tiny Stars show the extraordinary diligence, dedication and charm of their creator. Handmade unicorn and flower hoops for girls and adult women are a great opportunity not only to create a theme for your birthday or photo session, but also to brighten up any other celebration or just a gathering of friends, team, community for more vitality, color, unexpected impression. 

Each headband is unique and attracts attention. The creator of these bracelets strives to give each brace a special mood - through colors, shapes, arrangement of details, and to find her own lady to hang her head on. 

Tiny Stars hoops are of particular interest to unicorn fans. This mythical European folklore animal with a pointed horn is one of the most popular imaginative animals, symbolizing the gracefulness and purity. Unicorns are popular characters in children's books, cartoons. Unicorns are also in the market for toys and clothing. Therefore, the theme of unicorns is often transferred to girls' birthday parties, kindergarten parties, family, christening or personal photo sessions. Tiny Stars aims to make girls dressed in unicorn hoops to feel special about the festivities. And it succeeds. The creator of these handmade headpiece accessories says she often notices tears of joy in the eyes of girls when they receive a gift unicorn or when they are decorated with a feast. 

Tiny Stars designs bracelets, brooches and other handmade headwear accessories, tailoring the color of the dress to the needs of each girl, teenager, adult woman, tailoring the theme of a particular holiday, customizing the desired flower arrangements. The suggested accessories can be created for the same daughter and mommy, all the princesses of the celebration, dancer group, collective and so on. Flower decorated bows are also perfect for bridal parties, themed parties and other celebrations. 

Handmade headpiece accessories can be a great gift idea. Each accessory is beautifully and delicately wrapped in a paper box. Suitable for gifting not only a little girl, teenager, but also an adult woman birthday or other celebration. Orders are accepted via this webpage, private message or telephone.